Back to the Mac – with Stickers!

Apple is a mobility company these days, and iDevices are all the rage. With the iPhone their bestselling product and the iPad in a comfortable second place, it’s not surprising the Mac has taken a back seat.

So it was a pleasant surprise for many of us Apple veterans to see the mothership giving a nod to our old friend with their latest MacBook Air ad, Stickers – an audio/visual collage of custom stickers on the backs of MacBooks. New Macs, old Macs, scratched and dented Macs, this is how we use our trusted friends:

Nice spot. A technology is truly ubiquitous when it recedes into the background and becomes part of the furniture. Even better, a flash of the six color Apple logo at the end. My goodness, how nostalgic!

In related news, MacBook sticker sellers report a large increase in sales since this ad began airing…

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  1. Rob says:

    Have a laser writer II printer that worked when it went into storage 22 years ago. Would rather find a home than recycle. Suggestions?

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