Ben & Jerry’s Stoner Mac Tribute to 1984

In January 1984 Apple Computer released Macintosh. And we saw why 1984 wouldn’t be like 1984. Or at least Ridley Scott implied that in his groundbreaking commercial introducing the Mac.

Fast forward three decades, then add couple of greying hippies. Our old friends Ben & Jerry have just created a tasty new ice cream treat for stoners (as if there aren’t enough) called the BRRR-ito. It gets introduced on 4-20-15 (of course), and apparently we’ll see why 4.20 is exactly like 4.20.

This entertaining tribute to Ridley Scott’s classic commercial brings a big grin to my face. It works on so many levels – the facial expressions, reproduced look and feel, sexy babe running to the rescue, and of course the pothead puns. Hats off to you lads. Well done!

Suddenly I have the munchies…

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