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Classic Macintosh TV Commercials

The Vintage Mac Museum will be exhibiting again this year at the Vintage Computer Festival East, and I’m planning to bring my trusty Macintosh TV along to the show. As appropriate material to play I decided to put together a compilation of some of my favorite Macintosh TV Commercials from the 68k and PowerPC eras…. Read More

The Miniature Mac Museum

As an active collector I suffer from the ailment which eventually affects most people who have this hobby: I am running out of space. Two bedrooms, half my living room (home office) and half the attic are taken up by Mac equipment, spare parts, memorabilia, etc.. I don’t want to move, but the collecting urge… Read More

I Just Want To See It Go To a Good Home

In the Macintosh community, old Macs are special, personal. There was always something notable about being a Mac user, whether in the 68k Glory Days, the Beleaguered Apple Computer era, or early in the Second Jobs Dynasty. Our Macs weren’t just tools but visceral parts of our lives. Electronic friends. We sacrificed to afford them,… Read More

Remembering the Lisa with a PiXL

One quick way to any collector’s heart is to create miniature models of their objects of affection. Even better if the miniature reproductions work. And if the items happen to be seminal pieces of Apple computing history, just tell me where to sign up! Introducing the PiXL. This miniature marvel is an homage to the… Read More

The Hidden History of Mr. Macintosh

In the early 1980s before the famed Picasso style line drawing of a computer became the Macintosh logo, the graphic was going to be a totally different concept. Owen Linzmayer discusses the original effort in his 2004 book Apple Confidential 2.0: Long before the Mac was complete, Steve Jobs had become quite taken with the… Read More

Investing in Old Apple Gear is Making News

As the corporation with the largest market cap value in existence (as of this writing), Apple has amassed a vast amount of wealth. As a public corporation they have also generated significant wealth for their shareholders over the past decade. What has been less discussed is the value of old Apple equipment, but recent six… Read More