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iBook G4 – a Life Well Lived

Sometimes my vintage and professional Mac lives collide, and I wind up working on a consulting job involving a system old enough to be in the Mac Museum. Such was the case this week with an iBook G4 I encountered, which appears to have had quite a life. This particular system is a 2003 12-inch… Read More

The Macintosh Wayback Machine

How many generations of Mac technology (both hardware and software) can you cram into a single Macintosh? Inquiring minds need to know! I haven’t nearly hit the limit yet, but here’s a good start towards answering the question. Introducing the Macintosh Wayback Machine: • 24″ Intel iMac running OS X El Capitan • Apple ADB… Read More

A Rare Beast Captured: the JLPGA PowerBook 170

A new addition to the collection has recently arrived, one I’m quite excited about. Captured alive from the wilds of geekdom, the VMM is now the caretaker of an elusive JLPGA PowerBook 170 in all its multicolor glory. In 1992 Apple manufactured approximately 500 multi-colored PowerBook 170 models to commemorate the Japanese Ladies Professional Golf… Read More

The Evolution of Computer User Interfaces

Over many decades the way we interact with computers has evolved from text based commands, to icons with point-and-click Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), to todays touch and gesture based gadgets. The folks over at ATT Internet Service have created an interactive infographic to highlight how much has changed in the screens we look at –… Read More

Classic Macintosh TV Commercials

The Vintage Mac Museum will be exhibiting again this year at the Vintage Computer Festival East, and I’m planning to bring my trusty Macintosh TV along to the show. As appropriate material to play I decided to put together a compilation of some of my favorite Macintosh TV Commercials from the 68k and PowerPC eras…. Read More

The Miniature Mac Museum

As an active collector I suffer from the ailment which eventually affects most people who have this hobby: I am running out of space. Two bedrooms, half my living room (home office) and half the attic are taken up by Mac equipment, spare parts, memorabilia, etc.. I don’t want to move, but the collecting urge… Read More