More Macs Than I Know What To Do With

Mac+Case+Bag+Holder-SMBetween donations and purchases for the Vintage Mac Museum, I wind up with a fair amount of spare parts. I try to keep things in the rooms already dedicated for my Museum or up in the attic, but overage tends to spill out around the house.

Recently I picked up a Mac Plus off craigslist to use as a parts machine. The owner had done several upgrades on the system over the years, and the rear case had some holes and taped over cracks on the inside. I was intending to just toss this piece out with the trash, but it spent a few weeks in the kitchen while I waited for February snowdrifts to melt outside.

Soon it acquired a new use, as a place to store plastic bags waiting for a trip to recycling. Not really a planned use, and not the kind of thing that most people have in their kitchens, but the rear case actually makes a good little trashcan. That’s kind of sad given its original purpose, but hey, this in itself is a form of recycling! :)

Or it proves that I have more Macs around than I know what to do with…

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  1. Jason McCormack says:

    Do the sides bulge when it’s full? :)

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