My Computer Is Slow – An Historical Perspective

iMac feeling slow? PowerBook rather pokey? With the rapid pace of technological change, and sales hype driving cycles of planned obsolescence, it’s easy to forget just how powerful modern computers are in historical terms. We’ve come a very long way. And for these purposes, a ten year old computer still fully qualifies as “modern”.

The Dell Corporate Blog helps put things in perspective in this entertaining info-graphic:

Humans and laptops: What could you do with a single laptop in the past

Modern computers can run rings around the systems which powered the U.S. Space Shuttle. That iPhone in your pocket could have won World War II. Yeah there’s always something faster and shinier to get, but it’s good to take a step back occasionally and appreciate just how far things have come.

I’ll wait until next week to buy that new iPad…

Thanks to VMM Blog reader Chris Abraham for the info-graphic heads-up!

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