Vintage Mac Legal and Academic Research


If you are a patent lawyer or involved in technology related litigation, looking for prior art about Apple and vintage Macintosh systems, the Mac Museum can help. Do you need information about the classic Mac Finder, QuickTime, OpenDoc or Sherlock? Would you like to test the actual behavior of specific Macintosh configurations? With our collection of working Mac hardware we can provide information about hardware, software or operating system behavior, help find period technical materials, and locate copies of legacy software. Screenshots or working demo systems can be recreated for legal discovery, and we can provide expert witness testimony for deposition or trial.

We can also help with historical research for Apple and Mac related academic projects, or help reconstruct content from obsolete multimedia teaching tools like HyperCard, MacroMedia Director, CD-ROMs, etc.). Custom vintage Macintosh systems can be constructed, existing systems resurrected, and we can transfer files stored on old media formats like SCSI hard drives, floppy disks, Zip and SyQuest cartridges.

The Vintage Mac Museum is operated and maintained by Oakbog, providing Macintosh Consulting & Technical Support services to the Greater Boston (MA) area. Company founder Adam Rosen is an Apple Certified Consultant and a continuous Mac user for nearly three decades. In addition to Mac hardware, the Museum also maintains an extensive archive of legacy Apple software.

To discuss research and consultation about vintage Macintosh operations, please email or call 617-480-6436.


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