The Way It Was – Apple 1998 Developer Showcase

The mid-1990s were low point for Apple. The Mac’s market share plummeted, a series of CEOs came and went, and the company was routinely referred to in the press as Beleagured Apple Computer. It was a tough time to be an Apple developer.

How quickly things change. By 1998 Steve Jobs was again at the helm, the iMac was released and the Mac was Back! Apple wanted to promote its developer community and show the breadth of software available on the Macintosh platform, and created this two minute Developer Showcase Reel (for WWDC?) highlighting the offerings of the day.

Adobe, Microsoft, and Bungie join such forgotten friends such as MacroMedia, Connectix and Cassady & Green in this retrospective look at the state of Mac software in the late 1990s.

More old Mac ads and videos can be seen on the VMM TV YouTube Channel.

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