Vintage Macintosh Articles, History and Resources


How Much Is My Old Mac Worth? – sentimental values may be higher than resale prices
Finding a New Home For Your Old Mac – thoughts on this age old question for Mac lovers
Getting Files Off Old Macs – tips and suggestions for liberating your legacy Mac data
Vintage Mac Networking and File Exchange – the nitty gritty on interconnecting old Macinti
68k Macintosh Serial Number Decoder – lookup where and when your old Mac was born

Vintage Mac Websites – specs on all Mac models from 1984 to present
Low End Mac – a valuable reference for all things Macintosh
Shrine of Apple – an evolving comprehensive gallery of every Apple product made
The Mothership! – a great collection of Apple advertising over the years
PPC Luddite – living PowerPC in the Age of Intel
System Folder – a blog about the glory of the Platinum Days – wiki and discussion forums about all old Macs
Vintage Mac World – articles and links about many vintage Mac topics

Apple & Macintosh History – Andy Hertzfeld’s home for stories about the creation of the Macintosh
Making the Mac – digital archaeology by Stanford University – a history of all Apple models by date
Old – information on rare, vintage and obsolete computers (Apple and more)
A History of Apple’s Operating Systems – a fascinating look at how Apple went from ProDOS to OS X
Clarus the DogCow Museum – history and sightings of Moof, the vintage Apple mascot (seriously!)
History of Quantum Link – this online service for Commodore 64 was the basis for AppleLink and AOL

Computer Museums

Experience Apple Now (Roswell, GA, US) – part of the developing Computer Museum of America, from the collection of Lonnie Mimms
The Apple Museum (Prague, Czech Republic) – the largest private collection of Apple equipment worldwide, and tribute to Steve Jobs
AppleMuseum Nederland (Orveldt, Netherlands) – a comprehensive history of Apple products and a hands-on, working collection
All About Apple (Savona, Italy) – a nearly complete collection of all Apple products from 1976 to present

Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA, US) – the curated history of computing, near the heart of it all in Silicon Valley
DigiBarn Computer Museum (Boulder Creek, CA, US) – a vast store of computing artifacts and folklore, housed (yes) in a big barn
Living Computer Museum (Seattle, WA, US) – a working collection of computing milestones, built from Paul Allen’s personal collection
Vintage Computer Federation Museum (Wall Township, NJ, US) – another well curated history of computing maintained by the VCF
Rhode Island Computer Museum (Kingston, RI, US) – a large warehouse with a little bit of everything, rotating vintage system exhibits
The Personal Computer Museum (Brantford, Ontario, Canada) – the largest known collection of computers in the Great White North
The National Museum of Computing (Bletchley, UK) – the home of Colossus and the world’s first electronic computers
The Centre for Computing History (Cambridge, UK) – a working collection dedicated to the social and historical impact of computers
Museo dell’Informatica Funzionante (Sicily, Italy) – an evolving hands-on museum, created out of the passion of multiple hackers

Mac Collections Around the World (Various Locations) – personal shrines and basement museums dedicated to All Things Apple

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