How Much Is My Old Mac Worth?

apple-logo-drop-shadowThe Vintage Mac Museum tends to get several emails per month from people with older model Macinti, looking to sell their systems and wondering how much they’re worth. Being familiar with old Macs and visible on the web, I understand why folks are asking me this question. But this can be a tough value to determine, there isn’t a blue book or single exchange available for old Macs.

“I am the original owner of the Bondi Blue iMac Rev C, which is usable and in excellent shape for it’s age. The serial number sticker attached to the case shows date of 1/7/1999. Does this mac have collector value?”

“Since I want to give some money to a friend of mine for Christmas, I have decided to sell my Macintosh IIsi computer. Unfortunately, I am not sure what a fair price would be. Can you please give me some advice?”

As of this writing (2011), on average I’d say most old Macs are worth about $100. Many less than that. An original 128k Mac, truly rare items and prototypes can command hundreds to thousands of dollars. For most systems, sentimental values tend to be higher than resale prices.

Here’s how you can determine how much your old Mac is worth:

Jason Ponic’s Apple Computer Market Guide compiles resale prices for various models of vintage Apple equipment. It’s a nicely compiled resource, most values seem fairly representative of eBay market rates.

eBay is the largest market and a good resource to help determine Mac prices. There are two types of sellers listing this type of equipment, professional sellers and closet cleaners. The professional seller is going to ask the most, these are good upper bound prices for insurance purposes. The closet cleaner just wants to get rid of his/her old stuff at a fair price, these are the more practical values. Check Completed Listings to see what things have actually sold for (or not), rather than the initial asking values. Heavier items may have lower values unless they’re very rare, due to higher shipping costs.

craigslist is the classified ads of the web, broken down by city. Search for your model in your local version as well as those for other major cities (e.g., New York, Boston, San Francisco) You’ll quickly get an idea what average prices are and who is still thinking their $1500 computer is still worth $1000 7 years later. Craiglist by design is a local service, so selling your Mac across the country this way is not typically viable.

Mac of All Trades and PowerMax tend to be a good resources for current retail market values. These vendors buy some used systems, usually at one-half to two-thirds of retail value .

Average out the values you find to determine an approximate worth. You also need to factor in the rarity of the particular model, and the relative availability based on your location. Here in the Boston area there is no shortage of old computers, with many colleges, high tech companies, the MIT Flea and a vibrant local craigslist. But if you don’t live in a major metro area or are looking for something less common, you can wind up paying multiple times what someone else might for the same item.

Such I suppose, is how the market works.

As of this writing for both the Mac IIsi and the iMac G3 I’d estimate about $50 each, I see these models selling on my local craigslist regularly. A rev A bondi blue iMac might be worth twice that. A G4 Cube or PowerMac G5 can go for $250. If you have an working Mac 128k you can probably get $1000 on eBay. For a Mac Plus in a carry bag, don’t expect more than $100. If you have the original packaging that can increase the value.

You can often get more money for old Macs – if they aren’t rare models – by breaking them down and selling them for parts. The whole is usually worth less than the sum of its parts when reselling on eBay.

The Vintage Mac Museum is a private, working collection of the pre-Intel Apple Macintosh and related memorabilia. We provide old Mac file transfer and conversion services, along with research into old Mac technologies for patent searches or academic purposes.

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42 responses to “How Much Is My Old Mac Worth?”

  1. Adam Rosen says:


    Anonymous said…
    I find there are certain macs out there people will pay a higher price for because of rarity. The G4 cube for example was not one of Apple’s best sellers. It was not on the market long, was known to develop cracks in the plastic, so finding one in great shape is rare. I’ve seen them sell as high as $300 on ebay. The imac G4 was also quickly replaced and they sell well today. Another interesting item was the isight webcam. Apple later had tgem built in screen, so the actual webcams today go for a high price.
    January 27, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    Anonymous said…
    Those weren’t cracks in the Cube. People tended to mistake injection molding seams for cracks. I still have my Cube.
    August 30, 2012 at 2:58 PM

    Joey Srour said…
    i have a fully working macintosh classic ii in perfect working condition with user manual keyboard mouse, running system 7.. how much would u think its worth? anybody?
    September 29, 2012 at 11:50 PM

    Anonymous said…
    most likely not much more than $100.00 unless you have a printer to go with it
    October 1, 2012 at 4:30 PM

    Beale Bernson said…
    I have a Macintosh 128K which I purchased new in 1984. Model # 0001 (or something like that) running OS 1.0. I get a sad face when it turns on. I’m pretty sure it got fried from an electrical surge, which took out some other vintage Macs at the same time, including a FX (ughh!). How do I get the 128 repaired, and what is it’s value?
    November 8, 2012 at 12:23 PM

    Jim said…
    Would my old mac plus be worth anything still sealed in factory packaging secured in it’s natural form fit styrofoam, never touched by human hand except for power cord and the 3 floppy install disk package? maybe….
    Specs in Brief: Macintosh Plus
    Data from Low End Mac. © Cobweb Publishing Inc. Used by permission.

    introduced 1986.01.16 at $2,600; discontinued 1990.10.15
    requires System 3.2 (System 3.0 and Finder 5.1) to 7.5.5
    CPU: 8 MHz 68000 CPU
    ROM: 128 KB
    RAM: 1 MB, expandable to 4 MB
    9″ b&w screen, 512 x 342 pixels
    last Mac with keyboard attached via coiled telephone-like cable
    last Mac with mouse attached via DB-9 connector
    serial: 2 mini DIN-8 RS-422 ports for printer and modem
    SCSI: 1 DB-25 connector on back of computer
    hard drive: none
    floppy: 800 KB double sided
    floppy connector on back of computer
    size (HxWxD): 13.6″ x 9.6″ x 10.9″
    weight: 16.5 lb.
    PRAM battery: 4.5V PX 21 (a.k.a. Eveready 523, ANSI 1306AP, IEC 3LR50), discontinued
    power supply: 60W
    part no.: M0001A
    addressing: 24-bit only
    Macintosh Plus MacPlus Boxed – No SE Classic or 128K Manufactured in: E => Singapore
    Year of production: 1989
    Week of production: 36 (september)
    Production number: 4H7 => 5209
    Modell ID: M5880 => Macintosh Plus

    Your Macintosh Plus was the 5209th Mac manufactured during the 36th week of 1989 in Singapore.The only thing wrong with this potential Museum Piece would be the DB connector on the mouse. specs say “DB-9 connector, and mine has 8 pins awwwww so sad, design flaw? how do you find out if it was an actual factory machine error that got by the inspector on dayshift, nightshift, or graveyard ? would like to take a few more steps forward than backward or stand idle. Should i make an appointment with a curator at our museum of History and Industry for a viewing? I would like very much to show .jpg pics of it and try and uncover this mystery. jimkportal64 @
    January 19, 2013 at 3:12 AM

    Adam Rosen said…
    Jim, a new-in-box Mac Plus certainly has value, especially if the box is also in good condition. 8 pins on the mouse connector is normal, one is empty. It’s hard to specify an exact amount (as noted above), but I’d suspect at least $500?? Put the system on eBay and see what you get!
    January 19, 2013 at 10:14 AM

    Cheryl said…
    My Classic II is signed by the original team members (Jobs too). Great condition, keyboard, etc… Had it online with a modem too! What’s it worth today?
    March 14, 2013 at 1:46 AM

  2. Rosemary says:

    I have a very lightly used PowerBook G3/400(Firewire/Pismo) that I would love to sell to a collector. It has a 10 GB HD and an airport card. What’s a fair price? Anyone interested? I’m on Cape Cod.

  3. darlene says:

    I have a macintosh powerbook duo 2300 with docking station and monitor,original mouse and key board with working printer. Everything works. I wish a computer lover would take it off my hands instead of it going in the trash :(

    • stpworld says:

      Hi im a huge apple collector I would love to have it if you still got them i have many vintage mac desktops but no apple laptop and I can always find good homes even for dated computers I am also a big mac collector I also have a rare next station color with cd rom and sound.

      • Richard says:

        I have the original Apple Macintosh Classic. I purchased it in 1983 from University of Pennsylvania, about six months before they were released to the public in January 84. When the 512 upgrade and external Drive came out, it was like heaven.
        So it’s had another memory upgrade but I don’t remember exactly how much. It’s it’s in my basement. I haven’t fired it up in years but I imagine it should work. Are you interested? Since I’m not really a collector, it probably should be in the hands of someone that would appreciate and maybe even use it.

        • Adam Rosen says:

          Richard – the Macintosh wasn’t sold (to anyone) before January 1984, are you sure you bought yours in 1983? Original 128k Macs which were upgraded to a 512k or Mac Plus are worth less today than the unmodified systems – although back then you needed to do those upgrades to make the system useable!

          I already have several 512k and Mac Plus models, I’d suggest verifying which model you now have and posting it to eBay.

      • ellingson says:

        I have an 1993 Oct. Macintosh Tv

      • Fred de Vet says:

        Dear stpworld,

        In my basement there’s still a 1985 128K Macintosh.
        In it’s company there an Imagewriter, a travelbag and some of the original boxes.
        If interested I can send pictures.
        I live in the Netherlands so the equipment is for 220V.

        The equipment has not been used for 15 or 20 years, but was put in storage in working condition. Please contact me at FreddeVet @

      • matthew says:

        Ok I have an old Macintosh Centris 610 floppy drive. Is this even in great working condition worth anything? If you collect then you maybe can tell me if its worth anything and have no use for it so if you want make me an offer. Have alot of floppys and programs for it monitor and everything but no printer

      • Linda says:

        Hi ! I have a 1999 blue and clear G3 with the heavy blue and clear 21″ studio monitor. Any interest in either?

  4. art says:

    I have a Macintosh Plus 1Mb(model no# 0001a) wondering if its worth anything

  5. Dick Duryea says:

    I have a 13 year old IMAC that I don’t know what to do with. Should I scrap it for the guts.When we switched to an Emac it still worked.Let me know what you think

  6. judith says:

    I have an original Mac which came off the assembly line with the Drexel University “D” embossed on it. They were ordered in 1983 and delivered in April 1984. It has been updated to 512 and then 1024 (or was it 1 M?) Can you give me an idea of the value and where would be the best place to sell it?

    • Adam Rosen says:

      The 128k models with the embossed “D” for Drexel are definitely rare, not seen very often. The subsequent upgrades to a 512k and then a Plus actually decrease the collector value, however. I really don’t know how much this is worth, the case is what makes it intriguing rather than the whole package. Maybe $500 to the right person? eBay is probably your best bet for resale.

  7. Jacopo Santelli says:

    I have a PowerBook 100, I would like to resurrect it but the hard disk is broken, any suggestion on how to replace it?

  8. Joe R says:

    I am willing to buy an old Macintosh Classic of any sort (9″ screen) whether it is unfunctional or working, as long as there is minimal cosmetic damage, im looking around £20 – £50, just email me at josephross @ if anyone is interested in selling one.

  9. stpworld says:

    Hi if anyone has a macintosh Classic II or an LC II for sale please reply me I check often but they have to be working and have working sound but I do not need disks or keyboards or even cables I have it all I just wish to have a working one of either also they must be complete on the computer part no missing ram and no missing hd or floppy. stpworld2006 @

  10. John says:

    I have a working Mac SE with a 30 gig hard drive, Apple mouse & 2 non Apple keyboards. Also a Macinosh PowerBook G3. All working would they be worth anything?

  11. Nancy says:

    I have a Mac SE dual floppy in a soft “carrying case” and a Mac portable with its original case (predates all the notebooks and laptops) and a StyleWriter printer. They were both working last time I used them, but it has been years… Do these have any resale value?

  12. Matthew says:

    I have an original Macintosh 512k (not 512ke) in practically mint condition (still has Energizer clock battery from 1984). I have all the original documentation (including receipts and service documents) and all the original software. It has an Apple soft case and all the original peripherals. I also have the Apple ImageWriter that was sold with the computer. Does anyone have a guesstimate on value?

  13. Debra Odell says:

    I have a MacTV with all the original stuff – is does not start – what is it worth?

  14. Carole Wahlers says:

    We have a Macintosh Performa 640 CD. I use it as a word processor as we have a SCREWY Internet situation and it cannot or will not share the service with the crappy PC my husband prefers. I plan to get myself an iPad and call it MINE!! Is this Mac worth anything to anybody?


  15. Wayne Peterson says:

    Lots of info about Macintosh. What does anyone know about the value of a Lisa? I have two of them and would like to see them go to a good home. The original cost was more than $10,000 each. One of them has a switch and wiring changes that allow it to “turn into a MacIntosh with the flip of a switch.

    • Adam Rosen says:

      A Lisa 1 (with two 5.25″ Twiggy drives) is worth at least $15k. The Lisa 2 (3.5″ floppy) with a working hard drive is worth about $1500 in fully working condition; the Macintosh XL version you have sells for a bit less.

  16. Carole Wahlers says:

    Back to the Performa 640CD question: Is it worth anything? Is it worth bothering to sell on Craigslist? Your input is appreciated.

    Thanks, CAROLE

    • Adam Rosen says:

      In answer to your question, no, a Performa 640CD does not have any real value today and probably wouldn’t sell for much (if anything) on craigslist.

  17. Trying to find info on rarity of a M0420 Classic. Build date August 1990. Here is all I can find at all really. Any value to anyone? Only numbers on it are under the bar code. E03222ZM0435LL/A

  18. Don Fedoruk says:

    My friend, Todd Boschee, is selling his Apple museum. It is the largest Apple Computer museum in Canada. It is located in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

  19. Lee says:

    that would be worth much based on what you had describe it. but be cautious when dealing online a lot of scammers would try anything to get that vintage mac of yours. I suggest you search ebay for similar types and do some comparisons.

  20. Cole says:

    I have an Apple Performa 550 and I’ve been wanting to sale it. I know they’re not worth a lot, but I was looking at the specs online and I noticed the manufacture date on mine. All of the introduction dates for the Performa I’ve seen say November 1993. Mine says manufactured in (September) 1993! Does that mean anything? Is it rare?

  21. Cole says:

    I meant *October for the introduction date sorry!

    • Adam Rosen says:

      If the Performa 550 was introduced (and went on sale) in October 1993, manufacturing would have begun at least month earlier (if not more). A build date of September would be expected for a machine released that same fall.

  22. Cody P says:

    I have an old Mac 1mb supposedly it is signed on the inside by one of the original creators I’m not sure if that’s Steve Jobs or not how can I find out? If it is signed by Steve Jobs how much would the computer be worth then?

    • Adam Rosen says:

      Cody (and others) – all the original compact Macs have the signatures of the design team (including Steve Jobs) molded inside the case. This is standard and does not affect the value.

  23. Brian M says:

    I have an original Macintosh with a Drexel University D branded on the face of the case (yes, branded, before they started printing the blue D on them. I was a Drexel Student that bought one when the first Drexel let students buy them in 1984. I still have the original manuals and stickers unopened it the plastic wrap, and all of the original system and word, etc… disks. I also have the original external floppy drive.
    Does anyone know how to remove the front cover to see if it is one that has the signatures?
    The serial # is f424khnm001 – produced in 1984 @ Fremont, CA – 22564th unit made.
    I m also curious how much it is worth.