RIP Steve Jobs, 1955-2011


If I had to name the single person who has had the most impact on both my personal and professional lives (besides my family), it would have to be Steve Jobs. I was wowed by the Macintosh from the first time I saw that 1984 commercial – during the Super Bowl – and became a Mac user soon after. That computer and the company behind it saw me through college, a professional career using Macs, then a subsequent career supporting Apple products. That’s astounding – and I am but one of many who feel this way.

Few people directly or indirectly brought more innovation to the world and touched the lives of so many people. Apple has changed the face of personal computing many times over. The legacy Steve leaves will live on for decades.

As part of the tributes we ran at Cult of Mac, I compiled this page of memorable demos and presentations Jobs has given, including the introduction of the original Macintosh, MacWorld keynotes, interviews and excerpts from his very moving speech at Stanford University in 2005. Worth a viewing:

Bicycles for the Mind: Memorable Demos, Quotes and Speeches of Steve Jobs

Rest in Peace Steve – and thanks.

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